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TRB2HH: Presents NoBody Beats the Biz Docu-series

In our first release we chronicle the early years of the Diabolical Biz Markie. This Artist has contributed so much in music, trend, sound, and help to evolve hiphop as a culture. This is a peak into his famous career as Cold chillin records go to guy. We love him for what he has done …Read more »

SOUND BITES #10 Hussein Fatal talks about his Influence on 2PAC

My time with Tupac’s right hand man Hussein fatal. He talks about his influences over Tupac and how when Tupac died how rappers used his music but it wasn’t paying the late great 2pac homage.

#001 RapStar the series (4 min. Preview) ” In total Choas”

In this preview you will get to meet ” LAH” (Maino) and Milly Buckz ( Troy honesty handling the new of an important meeting with J- Money who just go word from the label that a lot of Shit is about to change. In the mist of breaking the news J-Money has a new artist …Read more »

RapStar the series:#007 ” Turn up”

In this preview Milly and Skye get Freaky before his birthday party. Tracey and  Det. Wilcox try to come to an understanding about her career. Which leads them into a bigger fight. Tone and his mom have a sit-down about his relationship with Milly, mom hopes to smooth things over with big bro. Executive Producers …Read more »

SoundBites #12 Jadakiss gets a cop to light his weed

In this episode we revisit the 24hrs I spent with Jadakiss on the verge of his album.Checkout Defjams frontman Jadakiss upclose and uncensored. Watch as he gladly takes us into his world of Music and Hiphop and gives 100% Alqada Jada.