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{FULL EPISODE} The Craig Mack Story Crazy Like that Glue”

In 1994-1995 Bad Boy Entertainment released two artists that would change the game forever. Craig Mack  and Notorious B.I.G.! Craig Mack’s story began in 1988 when he was part of a group called Mc EZ and Troup. The Craig Mack story is just as important, or may actually be more important, than Notorious B.I.G’s; it all depends on your …Read more »

SUPER TRAILER: Craig Mack Docu-series

Here is a sneak preview of the next installment of the The Route Back 2 Hiphop series. This is a detail account of all the things that took place before, during and after his time at badboy. Written and produced by James Billings

Prison X 2016: Ep#004 A retired Rikers Island Cptn of 20yrs: The Kali Story

In this story we take a different turn.. We talk to a retired Captain of New York’s Rikers island of 20 years. Captain Kali recounts her time in one of the most notorious jails in New York City. She talks of procedures, Rape, Being Gay , attacks, Drugs, and a personal assault from and Inmate on …Read more »

Prison X 2016: The Mark Gholson Story ep#003

In this episode Mark recalls a incident that he got involved in by accident. See in Jail your chances of getting in to some shit being in the wrong place is very high. Before you know it Mark had about 5 Stab wounds in his chest.. The story doesn’t end there though

CIAA Weekend Club Amos Keith Murray : The Rhyme performance [Live Performance]

Keith Murray Rips a capacity crowd at the 2016 CIAA kickoff Party at Club Amos.