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RapStar the Series

From executive producers Jermaine “Maino” Coleman and James “Kraze” Billings comes an all too real and true to life story about the music industry and how the system can manipulate relationships, business and loyalty.

Synopsis: Rap Star the series: Is a edgy story that revolves around a successful artist manager in the music business “LAH” played by rapper, actor and producer (Maino)Who’s task is rebuilding the career of his longtime friend and client. Multiplatinum rap artist “Millie Bucks” played by (Troy Honesty) who’s career has taken a dive. During the process, all things media has changed. Which forces Millie to adapt to the new way of doing things, That means being on blogs sites, Reality Shows and Social Media. But Millie, From an era where he built his name from the mixtape game and selling cd’s is having a hard to time understanding and listening to his inner circle’s advice. Not being on the same page, Millie and LAH’s relationship will be tested more than it has ever been. Plus facing a new set of challenges at their longtime label Rich and Famous Records. Which now has a new powerful female executive “Tracey Graham” played by (Darlene Ivette) Now in control of Millie’s new marketing budget and is responsible for the success of his latest project. Things get sticky because Tracey has something to prove and can not fail at her new position. But her way of doing things are not always seen as in Millie’s and LAH’s best interest. “Skye” played by (Monia Amore) Millie’s girl and Celebrity Stylist, is at a place in her own career where things are taking off and has to balance her time in supporting her man without neglecting her own goals and opportunities. Along the way LAH discovers a internet rap sensation named Young Glizzy (Jay Cruz) who he takes under the wing… and starts to develop. With all that is going on can manager LAH bring Millie back to the top of the rap game? or does he look to sign a new artist along the way? Watch to follow their Journey. with cameo appearances from (Afro Vh1’s “The Breaks” )

Dj Superstar Jay (DaUnion/Sirius Xm) From Executive producers Jermaine ” Maino” Coleman and James”Kraze” Billings. Written by Michael “Deep” Francis, Denise Wells, Lerone “DollarBill ” Jones, Judy San Roman and James Billings. also making appearances in RapStar the series is Atinuke Adetunji, Lorraine Gonzalez, Brittany Grice, BeezPortia, Darvel Pierce Jr, Aliyah Billings, Sam Scarfo, Lobby Boys 821, Mook Diamond, L.e.s Steve Cogle Young Fashion

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