RapStar the series preview: #005 “MAKIN MOVES”

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Rap Star the series:In this preview Tracey and Manager LAH get into it about the labels direction for Milly , as Tracey defines her role and status at the label. Milly heads to 40 projects in Queens his old stomping grounds and runs into Young Glizzy a new rapper from the projects that’s doing BIG numbers on social media and streams. Cinnamon is looking to get more work done on her body after already doing major things to set herself apart from the social media model pack. While Skye is handling some new business opportunity that can make her some more money and move her status.

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  1. <path_to_url> Rod Winston

    I think y’all on to something here!!! Nice ending, and very tasteful with the hints of sexiness of your female characters! Nice acting by all characters especially my dude Jay Cruz, Hollywood Like! The best clip yet! Keep up the good work and looking forward to Thursday! If I was to offer feedback, more Maino, more Skye, more Glizzy, more Glizzy’s Mom and MIlly Bukz!

  2. <path_to_url> Shomari

    Good work my dude!!!!


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