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RapStar the series #008: ” Family Matters”

**Synopsis: Rap Star the series: In the latest RapStar preview Everyone is getting ready for Milly’s Big birthday bash that he has every year. Milly seems to be out of the spirit but LAH cheers him up. Tone still trying to figure out if he is going to mess with his brother or not but …Read more »

The Business of “Pleasure Dolls” In side the sex doll Factory

This is an interesting view of a growing industry that caters to men and women that are looking for companionship. As you the sex industry is a billion dollar business and this in many ways is the expansion of that very industry and from the looks of things the dolls sell anywhere from 150-500.

RapStar the series:#007 ” Turn up”

In this preview Milly and Skye get Freaky before his birthday party. Tracey and  Det. Wilcox try to come to an understanding about her career. Which leads them into a bigger fight. Tone and his mom have a sit-down about his relationship with Milly, mom hopes to smooth things over with big bro. Executive Producers …Read more »

Drewski – Make it Official ft. Maino, Robbie Nova

Drewski – Make it Official ft. Maino, Robbie Nova

Mysonne Freestyle with Knowledged-Out Barz!!

The NY General himself, Mysonne, came through Funk Flex to spit some knowledge and facts!