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(PART 2) TRB2HH presents: Checkout My Melody| A True Story about Rakim

Checkout My Melody is one of the most honest docuseries to date on Rakim. Eric B and Rakim’s contribution to Hip Hop goes way beyond music. It’s their influence, style and persona that changed the Hiphop Culture. In this film you will see and hear accounts of their success never capture in it’s entirety on film. …Read more »

Salman Khan Unplugged – Hanee Chavan | Tubelight by Salman Khan Films

In a recent Salman Khan’s interview with teenage Youtuber Hanee Chavan, Salman was asked about his love life and he opened up like never before. Salman Khan revealed his love teenage and heart breaks.  Salman Khan shared his scoops for the upcoming movie: Tubelight. With this teenage Vlogger Hanee Chavan. Stay tuned for more Salman …Read more »



Dame dash meets the creators of Blockopoly

Team at Blockopoly takes a trip to newyork to Dame Dash’s office.

TRB2HH presents: Checkout My Melody( Part 1)

The Route Back to Hip Hop presents Checkout My Melody: A Story about Rakim created,written and produced by James Billings. This documentary gives the viewer some insight on Rakim’s early days of growing up in Wyandanch. How he built his name and reputation as an emcee. As well as how he came to meet with Eric …Read more »