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RapStar the series: #011 ” Get wit the program”

In this RapStar the series preview#011″Get Wit the program” The Ball is rolling to put Milly’s career back together and get him going again. Skye and LAH meet with Michelle Gabrielle to finalize a deal but things get heated when Tracey Graham shows up. Back at the studio Jay Money ask AFRO to talk to …Read more »

Rapstar the series#010: ” Thats Whats Shakin”

In this addition of RapStar the series: Jay Money meets with Tracey to discuss a new artist that she think she discovered. But LAH has already secured the relationship which she will find out later. Skye and Milly go talk over a clothing endorsement deal with Black Stone Denim. Michelle Gabrielle final gets LAH and  …Read more »

Rapstar the series: #009 ” Up and Personal”

In preview #009 ” Up and Personal” We get to see Cinnamon and LAH getting acquainted at Milly’s birthday party. The party was a huge success and had the hottest club in NY popping. Robert makes it his business to sit and talk to Lorraine about Glizzy’s surprise visit ,but that doesn’t seem to go …Read more »

Rick Ross: Rather you then Me the Album

Rather you then Me the Album- What’s your thoughts

New Rick Ross Expose Birdman in latest Interview

Rick Ross Talks About Beef With Birdman And “Idols Become Rivals