Bio: James Billings Director/Producer/Marketing Specialist.

Billing’s also known to the world as ” Kraze the King of Content ” has almost 2 decades of experience in working with various brands, artist, celebrities.(1998) My first successful venture was with over 100 mall-retail stores called ” Merry go Round/ Sid’s Pants/Epic stores  found in West field and Simon Malls across the country. I was responsible for creating  programming on the TV screens and integrating exclusive Interviews/videos/  from the newest designers. (2000) After the success of the Retail Marketing venture, I created the worlds first ever DVD Magazine( All Access Dvd Magazine) and spearheaded a market that exploded. My brand successfully help launch the careers of  Maino, Trey Songz, Gucci Mane,Jim Jones,Rick Ross Pitbull, Lil Jon and more. With the Success of All Access DVD Magazine , Television networks got wind of our impact and came calling. In 2007 we secured our first television deal with the liberty group.

The Liberty Group owns Encore and Starz Cable network,which is the third largest grossing cable network besides HBO and Showtime.. Our show was a play off the DVD and could be watched across the country on the Channel Starz In Black. Since our show, we have help produce or contributed to popular TV shows and specials for various networks like VH1, BET, MTV, E, Fuse through strategic licensing deals .

In particular with programs like ” BEEF ” TV and DVD series, ” Behind the Music” and various music program specials. Since in 2011 we have formulated and run a successful Video Production/Marketing/Branding consulting company. Our company creates and delivered/delivers content via Internet and television for brands like Ciroc, JoJo Energy Drink, Wise brand, Reebok, Coogi, Etonic brand, Nuvo, Pepsi, & Adidas . As well as a long list of music artist Independent and Signed. Mr. Billings is one of the most sought after Videographer/directors in the music business, with his versatile style and cinematic approach. As recent as 2012 Mr. Billings resume extends to Love and Hip-hop New York  and The Gossip game both shows air on VH1. In 2016 Mr. Billings lends his talent to the Velocity channels ” Unique Rides” as a drone operator and consultant for Will Castro.