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Rapstar The Series| Episode 1| Be A-1 with your Day-1

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In this episode we give you a a look into the life of Millie Bucks one of the most successful artist in the music industry. He is making his way back into the studio from a long lay off. As he works on his new project he gets a surprise visit from Hip Hop’s #1 man in the game Barz. Checkout the classic cypher that sets the tone of the show. Created by James Kraze Billings for inquiries contact:

16 comments on “Rapstar The Series| Episode 1| Be A-1 with your Day-1

  1. I think you guys are doing an amazing job
    Keep it up and keep us watching #1FAN #grindPRETTY #Sanchena #WHYknotYOU #1113

  2. I think you guys are doing an amazing job
    Keep up the good work and keep us watching #1FAN
    #Sanchena #rapstartheseries #grindPRETTY #1113
    #WHYknotYOU #Hollydidthat #SHERO

  3. Congratulations on the excellent project! I’ll be watching and continuing to enjoy the series. The film quality is awesome! Very well done. Salute!

  4. Looking good so far. Great production, believable cast, and a interesting storyline. Shout out to the homie J, aka BARS. Definitely a good look.

  5. Let’s give this man James Billings aka Kraze the King of Content and Maino and the rest of us a hand because if it wasn’t for him or them or us the cast would not be possible wit the grace of our GOD … but I’m glad to be part of this opportunity and I’m also glad to call it OUR project I know I can speak for the whole cast members that we are happy n grateful to all say we are all proud to be part of #rapstartheseries From this day to present n future that we remain diligent keep being innovative and remain humble thru the whole success journey that we ALL about to embark on. Rapstars baebae

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